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Tips For Creating A Unique Garden In Essex

Having a beautiful garden will appeal to one’s senses and it makes a home more inviting and welcoming. They are more attractive when a variety of colours, fragrances and plants are used.

Landscaping gardens

Steps one can use to make a garden.

  1. Marking out an area where the garden bed is the first step and one has to carefully consider what is to be planted and determine how large each plant is going to be when fully mature. One can use marking paint or a spray chalk. Underestimating the garden size will not bring the desired result when all the plants are mature as it will look crowded.
  2. Removing any dead or unwanted shrubbery, or if there are any older, larger trees that appear to be in the way or perhaps might come down in strong winds it would be a good idea to search for a tree surgeon in Essex to clear an excessively large tree.
  3. Getting rid of the existing grass and weeds by either using chemicals or herbicides has to be done before planting, the best option here would be to hire a suitable gardening clearance company in Essex. You will be able to find one that is suitable by searching ’Essex Gardening Services’ into one of the major search engines, or simply by searching through the local yellow pages. One has to let the chemicals wear off for about three days before the next step.
  4. Filling the garden bed with the top soil of high quality, one that drains well and is rich in organic matter is the next step. One should check the acidity or alkalinity of the soil to ensure it is within the acceptable range of the plants to be planted.
  5. Planting is done last and it is best when done during an overcast day. They should be watered immediately after planting and should not be left to dry. Their depth has to be the same as they were in the pots to prevent them from drying or rotting.

Tips to create a stunning garden.

  • Adding flowers or flowering plants – this splashes colour and breaks up focal points while breaking the colour monotony. Insects will be attracted and they will cross-pollinate the flowers. Weeds can be avoided by adding attractive mulch.
  • Theming the garden- by grouping plants with the same foliage surrounded by contrasting ones will bring balance to the garden. This can also be achieved by planting them along the edge to create a border.
  • Adding something that reflects one’s personality and character- by using ornaments and feature containers or colourful pots. Contrasting the size of the plants, pots and art used creates uniqueness as one focuses on the feature pot and then around the garden.
  • Creating unity and diversity- by using multi-functional edible herbs and flowers to provide colour variation while adding beauty, flavour and structure. This can also be achieved by using variegated foliage that has one colour on the inside and a second one around the foliage edge.
  • Choosing a feature- plant, statue, furniture or a garden art highlight the garden.
  • Avoiding clutter- by balancing hard surfaces and avoiding the use of too many different materials.

How one can landscape a garden.

  • Dressing up a pathway by sculpting the landscape. I.e. by using the slightly raised island in the centre and blending a variety of heights, colours and textures.
  • Adding dimension with elevated planters and hanging baskets creates a sea of beautiful and ensures good drainage.
  • Using blooming and colourful shrubs.
  • Creating an intersecting trail with meandering streams and inspiring vistas.
  • And remember, once the garden has been completed you will have to maintain it throughout the year and if you are not wanting to keep to a weekly maintenance time scheduled, then the next best thing would be searching for suitable garden maintenance services in Essex.