How To Listen To Music Online With iTunes

When you want to listen to some of your favorite songs, there are a host of websites that you can visit. However, none can level up to iTunes, the world’s premier website for music and related media. It has gained popularity with the masses for its extremely large playlist. It also runs on a variety of portable devices making it easy to listen to music even when on the go.

Using iTunes requires that you have an iTunes account. These days everyone is conversant with the internet. There are some few people however who do not quite get all the ways of going about it. Here are a few pointers that will get you updated on all the basics of this modern phenomenon.

Basically, an iTunes account is like any other account, only that it stores information on the digital media that a user has purchased, their basic information, billing data and much more. Not only does it allow you to access music, there is an endless stream of apps and movies. The account is from where you will control all the purchases as well as the correspondence that you receive from the Apple website.

Start by downloading the official iTunes application on your device. Open the application and on the top right corner you will see an iTunes Store button. Click on it and select the sign in option. You will be asked if you happen to have another corresponding iTunes account or Apple ID. If so, you will only have to enter the billing information for your account without going through the entire registration procedure.

If you are a new user, you will be required to sign up from scratch. This will be a bit lengthy as all your data will have to be captured. The first thing is to accept the terms and conditions of the iTunes account. You will then enter the email address you wish to use, as well as to set up a password. To secure your account in the event that you forget your password, you will set up some few security questions plus their corresponding answers. You can also select the option of receiving some newsletters from Apple. If you wish, you can add a backup email that can be used when you lose information about your account.

Finally, you select a payment plan. This is the means by which you will be paying for your purchases. The payment options available are PayPal and most major credit cards. Before entering any credit card information ensure that your credit card host is supported by iTunes, and ensure that the charges indicated are fine with you. After this, click on create account and voila, you have an iTunes account.

Go to your iTunes account and select the “view account” option. This will display all the information about the account. You will find options to change the credit information and edit other parts of the account. In addition, you can change the alerts that you receive about new music releases by various artists listed in the previous purchases.

Something that most people have a problem with is using an iTunes gift card. Since a gift card has been the most common type of gift nowadays, you will need to know how to use it. Check the back of your card, you will find a silvery panel. Scratch it gently to show the user code for the card. This is the code that you will enter on the “redeem” section of your account. Be keen as you enter the code so as not to make any mistakes. Once the code has been confirmed, the value of the gift card will be added to your account and you can now purchase media as you wish.

Syncing your devices is very important. This ensures that all the playlists on all your devices are identical, and that you do not miss any tracks that you downloaded from another device. You can schedule to sync your devices after a certain period. Alternatively, you can do it every time you make a purchase. The best way to sync is to connect all your portable devices to your computer and activate the syncing option.

Another thing to remember is to manage the users allowed in an account. A single iTunes account can handle up to five users, each with their separate playlists and user data. Parents, ensure that you tell your children to keep tabs on their purchases, otherwise you might go bankrupt. For your individual account, ensure that you keep your password and username private.

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